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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Brand Confusion

"BBC Jane Austen Season Trailer"

Last week I did a turn for some of the marketing execs at the BBC illustrating how users are using our brands in interesting ways away from the BBC site. Distributed world, lose control of our brands, how do we retain/measure credit. You know the stuff. I wish I'd been able to use this example then. An ITV trailer uploaded today to Youtube by a costume drama fan who then entitles it "BBC Jane Austen Season Trailer". They've even tagged it BBC. This is despite the ITV1 (and Sainsburys) logo in the final frame. We often trot out in the BBC the example of users who attribute BBC programmes to Sky as a brand. Its not often that it works the other way. Billie Piper, Mansfield Park, A Jane Austen season. It really is very hard to picture this on ITV.



At 4:08 am, Blogger said...

It happens all the time with any programme designed British - people just assume anything that comes from a British TV station just *has* to be from the BBC...


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