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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ian and Adam's blog - It's like News 24

Ian and Adam (the recently civil ceremonied gay couple in The keep up) are on their honeymoon in Kenya. Word gets back in yesterdays episode to Jenny (Adams fairly web savvy 60something mum) and ageing tory philanderer Brian (his step dad)
Jenny: That reminds me. He and Ian have posted some more photos on their blog.
Brian (Scornfully): Whatever happened to "Wish you were here", a postcard of an elephant.
Jenny: They arrived at the Game park yesterday.. The photos are of Monbassa. They went there on Saturday.
Brian: (astonished) It's like News 24. Holidays are supposed to be relaxing.
Jenny: You should have a look.
Brian: Well he can tell me about it when he gets home.

I don't think there is a "real" blog out there (anyone ?) but the archers mb community have inevitably spoofed the idea of it in their usual biting fashion.


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