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Friday, January 26, 2007

What the heck is on BBC World News ?

Tiki Barber is an (ex) American footballer and broadcaster who i've obviously never heard of. I haven't watched a whole game of American football in my life.
However curse that New Yorker who can make you read 3000 words about anything because they have genius writers. In this case Ben McGrath's brilliant profile which contains this transcript of a radio chat a few months back (Tiki now co-hosts a sports/music radio show with his brother).

"During one show several weeks ago, Ronde (Tiki's brother) played a few bars of the song "Smack That" by hip hop artists Akon and Eminem. "It's getting played out right now" he said "but it is a good song"

Tiki: I've never even heard it
Ronde: Yes, you have
Tiki: I haven't
Ronde: Come On, Tiki
Tiki: Dude, I don't listen to the radio anymore
Ronde: What station do you listen to ?
TIki Honestly ? Do you want to know ? BBC World News
Ronde: Come On, Dude
Tiki: I'm serious
Ronde: What the heck is on BBC World News ?
Tiki: I like to be informed. The British News is different. It gives you a different perspective on the world...and they have these really weird accents.

Ronde now calls him Sir Barber "

One for Sacred Facts I think.



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