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Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Guardian Music/Arts blog

It launched yesterday and nothing really to report yet. Its the same principle as Sport; It brings the existing arts blogs (ie: CultureVulture) into the CommentisFree design, aggregates all of the comment pieces from the paper(s) and commissions a few web only ones to boot. Or as Emily Bell puts it:

In the wake of the award-winning and internationally admired Comment is Free, we are launching the arts and entertainment blog which will aggregate our existing critics and, we hope, some new, fresh voices in the world of culture and the arts. We believe this will be a vital and hopefully noisy forum for users and critics to interact on the burning cultural issues of the day.

But the highlight so far has been, as ever, the Guardian's best writer (save Mark Lawson) John Harris and his willingness to er, join in in the comments after his furious piece about why Oasis should have called it a day in 1996. I like Be Here Now too.

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