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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Scarf Day and North Stand Chat

Scarf Day
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Scarf Day at the Albion

My almost annual visit to the Withdean to see Brighton yesterday coincided with "Scarf Day". This was a interesting attempt to try and inject some passion and atmosphere into what has been a miserable season for the Albion marooned mid table in League One.

Every new ticket holder was given a voucher for a new (acrylic it turned out) blue and white Brighton Scarf and season ticket holders had the chance to buy new ones for £2.50. Whilst I was queuing up for mine, the bloke in the front laughed "The ideas that come from chat rooms!"

However doomed, (it rained and we lost 1-0) this was another example of the successful campaigning and lobbying that is achieved via the unofficial forum for Brighton fans; North Stand Chat. The scarf idea started via a thread on the board from long time fan; Danny Last and was picked up in the local paper and then by the club itself.

This grassroots campaigning was nice to see even if the results were a little forlorn. The scarf swinging was a bit half hearted but then it was raining again and we don't have a roof. And good to see communities where the club/media owner's involvement with forums goes beyond just asking "what do you think ?" and then never being heard from again.


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