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Thursday, May 31, 2007

reboot 9.0

reboot 9.0
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So I've arrived at Reboot and all I can really think of is the Human League. The morning has been full of musings from academics, developers and thinkers on what it is that makes us "human".

Reboot is the small(ish), grassroots(ish) tech conference that was kicked off this morning by 29 year old Thomas Madsen-Mygdal who has been putting this annual gathering together in his "spare" time nearly every year this decade. His opening gambit was "it's not us that makes it great, its you." as the majority of presentations were suggested and voted/commented on by the attendees before the conference was scheduled. Well I'm not sure i've done much yet bar eat some of the free apricots and bananas...

Anyway I'm here all day/tomorrow and supposed to be filing an update for my BBC News colleagues later so i'll better stop this and start paying attention.



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