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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

7 Ages of Rock

After a difficult week its good to report on this. 7 Ages of Rock is a new 7 (natch) part BBC2 documentary from the people behind the excellent Soul Deep and Lost Highway . It starts on BBC2 on Saturday night but the supporting BBC website, which launched this afternoon, really starts to make use of some of Tom's principles. Deploying for the first time (in my knowledge) at the BBC embedded video that is shareable. (see above) , aggregation of a wide range of sources (Flickr, Wikipedia, Last FM) to compile artist pages for the 50 or so bands featured in the programmes and sensible simple navigation this is quietly impressive stuff from the ever excellent team over in (what is now) the BBC team known as Audio and Music. Some of which really are now known as AM/FM. No really. Good work sirs.

Now when did "indie" actually start ? Are you sure its 1980 ?



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