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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ian and Adam's blog - It's like News 24

Ian and Adam (the recently civil ceremonied gay couple in The keep up) are on their honeymoon in Kenya. Word gets back in yesterdays episode to Jenny (Adams fairly web savvy 60something mum) and ageing tory philanderer Brian (his step dad)
Jenny: That reminds me. He and Ian have posted some more photos on their blog.
Brian (Scornfully): Whatever happened to "Wish you were here", a postcard of an elephant.
Jenny: They arrived at the Game park yesterday.. The photos are of Monbassa. They went there on Saturday.
Brian: (astonished) It's like News 24. Holidays are supposed to be relaxing.
Jenny: You should have a look.
Brian: Well he can tell me about it when he gets home.

I don't think there is a "real" blog out there (anyone ?) but the archers mb community have inevitably spoofed the idea of it in their usual biting fashion.

Friday, January 26, 2007

What the heck is on BBC World News ?

Tiki Barber is an (ex) American footballer and broadcaster who i've obviously never heard of. I haven't watched a whole game of American football in my life.
However curse that New Yorker who can make you read 3000 words about anything because they have genius writers. In this case Ben McGrath's brilliant profile which contains this transcript of a radio chat a few months back (Tiki now co-hosts a sports/music radio show with his brother).

"During one show several weeks ago, Ronde (Tiki's brother) played a few bars of the song "Smack That" by hip hop artists Akon and Eminem. "It's getting played out right now" he said "but it is a good song"

Tiki: I've never even heard it
Ronde: Yes, you have
Tiki: I haven't
Ronde: Come On, Tiki
Tiki: Dude, I don't listen to the radio anymore
Ronde: What station do you listen to ?
TIki Honestly ? Do you want to know ? BBC World News
Ronde: Come On, Dude
Tiki: I'm serious
Ronde: What the heck is on BBC World News ?
Tiki: I like to be informed. The British News is different. It gives you a different perspective on the world...and they have these really weird accents.

Ronde now calls him Sir Barber "

One for Sacred Facts I think.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Celebrity Big Brother - facts

Thursday Jan 11 3.5m
Monday Jan 15: 3.7m
Tuesday Jan 16: 4.5m
Wednesday Jan 17: 5.2m
Thursday Jan 18: 5.7m

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Scarf Day and North Stand Chat

Scarf Day
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Scarf Day at the Albion

My almost annual visit to the Withdean to see Brighton yesterday coincided with "Scarf Day". This was a interesting attempt to try and inject some passion and atmosphere into what has been a miserable season for the Albion marooned mid table in League One.

Every new ticket holder was given a voucher for a new (acrylic it turned out) blue and white Brighton Scarf and season ticket holders had the chance to buy new ones for £2.50. Whilst I was queuing up for mine, the bloke in the front laughed "The ideas that come from chat rooms!"

However doomed, (it rained and we lost 1-0) this was another example of the successful campaigning and lobbying that is achieved via the unofficial forum for Brighton fans; North Stand Chat. The scarf idea started via a thread on the board from long time fan; Danny Last and was picked up in the local paper and then by the club itself.

This grassroots campaigning was nice to see even if the results were a little forlorn. The scarf swinging was a bit half hearted but then it was raining again and we don't have a roof. And good to see communities where the club/media owner's involvement with forums goes beyond just asking "what do you think ?" and then never being heard from again.

Friday, January 12, 2007

BBC Sport on Twitter

BBC Sport on Twitter
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I've never really taken to IM although I get some work done with it in the office from time to time. I thought LOL stood for lots of love until very recently which shows how naive i am. So i'm surprised at how taken in i've been with twitter.. At first it just seems so dumb. Public, permanent IM with added SMS. Banality to the extreme. But then you are drawn in and can't stop. Its prurient, socially useful, and now with added bits and bobs like the BBC sport/news headlines (thanks Mario.) virtually the wallpaper to my day. All together now. "making coffee listening to Radio 4".