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Friday, October 06, 2006

The UK's top ten UGC news momentsd

Broadcast this week reports on what they call the "UK's Top 10 UGC News moments".
I'd link to the page on their site but blown if I can actually find it (behind a registration/pay wall or not).

They are:

1. Asian Tsunami
2. London Bombings
3. Concorde Crash
4. Terror Suspect Arrests (July 2005)
5. Forest Gate
6. Buncefield Oil Depot Explosion
7. Troops in Iraq
8. Mumbai Train Bombings
9. Whale in the Thames
10.Hurricane Katrina

My colleague; Vicky Taylor from BBC News is quoted.
"Its interesting how many vox pops from [Buncefield] said "and i took out my phone or camera to take a picture as an automatic reflex. At the BBC it is important to harness this willingess to record events. There has been a fairly dramatic change in how people view the news and their part in it... It has a much more humanising influence on our journalism. In the past we may have gone to charities and other organisations for our case studies, we now have direct access to real cases from the audience itself."


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