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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Its all open source round our way

Tim O Reilly came to visit the BBC on Thursday and despite that, still had the energy to go Geek Dinnering in the evening. (with what it looked like more of the BBC!) . His catchphrase "What are you doing to harness the collective intelligence of your users ?" is still ringing in my ears.

Now reading Mr Hughtrain this morning i came across this. Up til now I haven't been that interested in his wine blog PR "fuss" . Giving away samples, even via blogs, is hardly worth getting worked up about. However the classic suit blog is fascinating stuff, even though I could never afford them, and I do love his business card doodles. Today he reveals that he has persuaded his poor film director pal (3 months away before) the filming of his next movie is due to start) to upload the script of the film and embrace the feedback loop.

The interesting thing for me is we're not just trying to use blogs to pimp a movie. We're trying to use blogs to actually help the making of a movie. Not only that, this isn't a low-budget indie art-school project. This is a commercial, mainstream movie from an established director.

He's quite an obscure director to be honest but that isn't the point. This is obvious obvious stuff and clearly Hugh and his pal can now look Tim O Reilly in the face and give him the right answer to his question and already the comments are coming in. Open sourcing scripts on the internet for users to review, annotate and comment. Thats not going to work is it.


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