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Friday, October 07, 2005

Jeff Jarvis - on the button

Ross Mayfield said exactly the same thing when I was at oursocialworld a few weeks back and now thankfully Jeff Jarvis has got up and tried to deliver a few home truths to big media at Web 2.0.

Yesterday, I’d had it with hearing content moguls talk about how all the value is in content and how they plan to use “user-generated content.” That means means they’re using users. That’s us.

So I got to the mic and said what many have said on blogs: that the phrase “user-generated content” makes our spines twist. We call it sharing. We call it conversation. They call it content. And they call us users.

It’s made of people.

User generated content. A tough one because I work somewhere where I hear and can read this phrase from colleagues and exectives every single day. But he's right and its good to hear someone re-iterate that actually its about sharing and we're all choosy about who we we'll share our stuff with. Mind you as he was having a go at Yahoo! that examples a bit flaky. But I'm with you Jarvis!


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