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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Jamie Kane and Wikipedia

Well I was going to blog this yesterday but in my lethargy Andrew, Martin and Ben have already chipped in. In fact even the (paper) Guardian has written a story on it that turned up in G2 this morning. They, of course, neglected to mention that Rob Cooper from the Jamie Kane team has now clarified that there was no intention by the BBC to game Wikipedia and help promote the project. As if it now matters...
All I can really add is that the current (it might still be deleted) Jamie Kane Wikipedia entry has evolved into a comprehensive overview of the game, the BBC's motives for developing it, and an accurate insight into what has after all been a (very) minor kerfuffle.
All in the space of 48 hours. The lengthy debate on the vote for deletion page has nearly 100 comments now mostly arguing for the article to be kept and it shows as Martin points out, how these internet tools can be used swiftly as a platform for the BBC to respond when its decisions and actions are held up to scrutiny. And it looks as if following the blog posts above and the commenting on Boing Boing and Wikipedia itself and emails to those writing about the story that this is a model of the BBC attempting to be accountable to its audience. But Hutton this is not.
As it turns out the "official" game site is still the top entry in Google.

But look who's rising fast.
And who's this? Did we invent her too ?


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