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Monday, August 15, 2005

Citizen Prommers

Anthony Holden, the music critic of The Observer wrote a piece yesterday ("Log On, Lash Out", 14.8.05) for the Review section entirely made up of quotes from users of the message board on the BBC Proms website.
In it he admits that the board's users are "discriminating", "lively" and its full of "welcome wit". Who'd have thought it ? He concludes the piece by admitting that contributor; "I loathe Lucy" has come up with a better reason than he could for "schlepping" down to the Albert Hall instead of listening at home with a "glass of claret".

The sound quality (on Freeview), he or she complains, was 'dreadful', with poor orchestral balance, insufficient reverberation, low dynamic range and too much distortion.'The whole effect was like listening to a bad mono recording from the 50s,' said I Loathe Lucy. 'Hardly progress to the 21st century.

Surprisingly there's currently no reaction, as yet, to Holden on the board although there is plenty of that welcome wit on offer especially the thread (initiated by Tim Durham) about the absence this year of proms phenemenons I was unaware of; shouting and rhythmic stamping; "Where Have All the Good Shouts Gone?"

My favourite shout at the Proms was at the Last Night last year, when The Liberty Bell by Sousa was about to be played, it was simply:

UPDATE: Martin also picked up on this and picked out some better quotes;)


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