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Monday, October 01, 2007

£135.50 a year - or "no more fucking Spongebob"

So Liam Gallagher is on the front cover of this month's Mojo. I'm not sure where he stands on salami slicing or the future of Storyville but he's quite clear about why he should stump up £15 a month.

Whats in your man bag, Liam ?

"Wallet, keys. (unzips bag and pulls out selection of envelopes and papers)
Fucking Bills. Fucking TV licence. (pulls out TV Licence form). It's the final reminder and that's twice they've sent it so i've got to give it to one of the girls in there [the management office]. I better get it fucking sorted ....(Bolts for the door)... or there'll be no more Jeremy Kyle. No more fucking Spongebob. "